Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why does this keep happening?

So, randomly tonight, the ex of Mr.X, you know, the one who sent me hate mail last year, IM'd me out of the blue. Nice, right?

So we had a random conversation, like, she wanted to know if I had found something to wear for the v-day banquet, and then the interrogation began.

just curious why did you and MX break up????

did he ask you out or did you ask him?

was it just that you guys just grew apart or something else?

And then, the winner that had me rushing for the Invisible button-

ok i don't mean to be personal but did he ever kiss you or hold hands?? cause when we dated we held hands once and we dated 4 1/2 yrs but he seemed like he was to scared to do anything! it kinda bothered that's why i broke up with him and he hardly ever called! guys are suppose to make the first move but he didn't seem like he wanted to do anything!! lol what do you think?

This is the part where I say, um, thank you for your conversation, but I gotta go to bed now.

And then you delete the screenname and block it.



the lizness said...

You just tell them "I reject him!"
(read BigMama so you know what I'm talking about) lol

Carolyn said...

I still say that's a way wierd & personal conversation. What does she care anyway....? Odd. I would have become invisible quickly too! Ugh.


Don Ryan said...

(knowing laugh)

Tiffany said...

See, I dunno, probably just my instigator personality but I totally see opportunity knocking there. Mwahaha!
Something along the lines of "Oh yeah, well, um, don't say anything but he mentioned that. He was a little nervous about some stuff he had heard about you/mental illness/stalking/etc. He didn't want to hurt your feelings by saying anything, yk? :("

snb-the glamourista said...

i'm with the instigator! you have so much power when you tell just enough to make them even more curious.....(evil maniacal laugh)