Friday, January 25, 2008

So, While I'm Working On My English Research Paper....

It has dawned on me that Flappers are no longer as interesting as I thought they were.

I hate this time of year. Right now, I'm ramping up to a KAP American History Paper (which I am doing on the Counter Culture, aka-Hippies, Pot, and Woodstock.) which has to be 8-10 pages, not counting footnotes, a title page, and all that good stuff that I count into my normal page count. And this wonderful Honors English 11 Research Paper has to be 6-9 pages, including a bibliography page and an outline. That is why I'm researching Flappers. Because it has to be a 1920's subject and there are about 12 kids doing theirs on organized crime. Al Capone does not interest me. But then again, neither do Flappers. So I'm pretty much stuck.

English Paper is due February 19th. KAP is due April 3rd. I'm going to be eating, sleeping, and breathing bib cards and footnotes for the next 2 months. I'm thrilled, really.


s said...

Hope helps. Thanks!

Tiffany said...

I so miss the days of Honors English. I have 3 research papers I'm working on. One is on the effectiveness of pre-op antibiotics (and use the results to design an evidence-based practice policy), one on eating disorders, and one more that I have to determine the topic for. Give me flappers and hippies anyday! ;)