Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes Lauryn Hill Writes My Theme Songs...

The past week or so, I have had a song by Lauryn Hill stuck in my head (oh, there's a shock to those of you who know me). And it really says all I have to say at the moment, because a.) my life is extremely boring other than occasionally running into doors or setting myself on fire (don't ask) and b.) the interesting things are more complicated than you can imagine.

The only things I can really say in light of things right now can be summed up in something my friend and favorite dorm neighbor, Natashia, wrote on my wall last week:

"life is so stressful. but god is faithful."

And once again, Lauryn says it better than I do...

"I trust every part of you.... Cause all that you say you do

You love me despite myself

Sometimes I... I fight myself

I just can't believe that you.... Would have anything to do

With someone so insecure... Someone so immature

Ohh you inspire me, to be the higher me"

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