Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes It Snows A Lot On Valentine's Day....

This morning, Florissant was greeted by a blanket of the white stuff. All of the snow we had before had melted away, leaving some of us bummed because that meant no playing in the snow. So, about the time it started coming down really hard at about five this evening, the roads got nasty and nobody really wanted to brave the roads for church. So, we stayed in tonight. And then went out in the snow.
Can I just say how it amazes me how Floridians act in snow? In our group, we had three Floridians, a girl from Alabama, and two Ohioans. The Ohioans were bundled up. Leggings, scarves, and heavy coats.
Of course, that doesn't stop me from doing intentional faceplants, which turn my face pink and frost my glasses. But I'm bundled anyway. 
This is my friend from Florida. Ignore the fact that he's insane and swinging from a tree. It's what he does. But yeah. He's from Florida. And is wearing a sweatshirt in the snow. Craziness. 
So, sometimes we throw our friends in the snow.
And sometimes they all fall in the snow and I watch from a safe distance.

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Theresa said...

When you come home next, make sure you ask Jessica about the snowball fight on I-71 on Monday.