Sunday, February 28, 2010

Epaphroditus Has Left The Building

I was not aware that electronics were required to have names.

Until I came to Gateway.

My friend, Heather, whom everyone calls Becky, which has resulted in much confusion, and eventually my new name, is the one who informed me of this fact. While we were eating at IHOP, no less. I had never been to IHOP, either. It's like a whole new world.

Anyway, Heather has a laptop named Guadalupe and an iPod named Jack. Her phone, I think, is named Sophia, but don't quote me on that. Her old laptop's name was Walter. My friends apparently name their cars, too. Who knew?

So, after much deliberation, we decided that I should name my laptop.

And his name is Epaphroditus.

During the course of the semester, I have developed an obsession with the epistles. I thrive on New Testament Survey. It makes most of my classmates whine and complain, but I live for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 to see what book we are studying.

*Note: There's not much suspense involved. We go in order. But hey. Oh well.

One particular morning, I decided to flip through Philippians before class that day and ended up reading the whole book (which consists of four chapters, but oh well). The name Epaphroditus is used over and over, because Paul was trying to make a point. He was, presumably, a good guy. Go read the book if you don't believe me. I decided that I loved the name so much, that I was going to name my son after this good Philippian man.

Thankfully, I discovered the electronic rule, sparing my future offspring from such horrors.

However, Epaphroditus is dead. At the moment. Which is why I've been such a bad blogger. He gave up the ghost the day after my last blog post and I haven't gotten around to taking him to get fixed yet.

The past two weeks have been fairly uneventfulish, to tell you the truth. I went to my first concert and had midterms, but other than that, I've been fairly consumed with papers and the beloved cafeteria couch. I love that couch.

Oh yes. And I managed to get snowed in in Topeka, Kansas.

We headed there for an outreach. We knew there would be snow. We didn't know that there would be seven inches of drifting snow. And ice. Which resulted in an extra night in Topeka. Not good times. I even had red shoes on. Clicking them does not work. Dorothy lies.

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Theresa said...

I'm just glad that your Twitter shows up on your blog. At least I was kind of up on what was happening.

You really look like you are having too much fun to be academically involved. Are you sure you're not at an extended Mid-Winter???