Saturday, January 9, 2010

City Girl

I'm really starting to love living here. Today, there was a group of about seven or eight of us who decided to head off to the mall because one of the girls on the floor and I decided to look for a job. We ended up walking around, having lunch in the food court, and taking in the atmosphere of a totally awesome mall, which is apparently the smallest in the metro area. But it's huge!

The carousel is in the middle of the food court. It's pretty much awesome.

The Saint Louis Blues practice in the mall. It's sweet, too.

And then of course, there's DDR. This was kind of embarrassing to watch.

We then decided to head to the zoo. It was about five degrees with a negative wind chill.  So, it was only rational to walk around a huge zoo in the freezing cold. In all actuality, there was a job fair going on today at the zoo, but we got there after it was over. So, because we had already made the twenty minute drive, we decided that we might as well make the best of it. There were several indoor exhibits throughout the zoo, and when we got too cold, we would duck into one of the buildings. The place was pretty much deserted because of the temperature, so we could act like idiots without getting weird looks.

It was nice to actually have people to hang out with and to go somewhere other than my dorm room for a while. Of course, negative temperatures may not be the best idea, as we were cracking up so we couldn't breathe, and the cold didn't exactly help matters. But overall, I'm starting to love the college experience and living in the city.


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

The last time we were at that mall, A candy company there had employees rapping & be-bopping while pulling taffy. It was hilarious.

When we were at the zoo it was cool, but not cold (55-60ish).

Glad to hear that you've got a group to hang with.

Theresa said...

There's nothing more boring that watching a couple of white guys doing DDR. Where's the rythm????

Mrs Lemon said...

Northwest? I spent A.LOT. of time at Northwest.

Hey, what church will you be attending? Please say APC, you will make me so so happy.