Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Wants Me To Bore Them With My Schedule? (Also, never play trivia with college guys)

I have survived half of my first week of college classes, which included my first Sunday at a new church. I went with two of my friends from the huge group during both services and one of the other guys went along with us during the morning service. I went to Bro.Graham's church this week, but have been seriously considering getting involved in a church near here that does Spanish services. I'm not 100% sure if I'm up to that, but it's something I'm praying about and seriously considering. Going to church with masses of college students has its advantages. Like going out afterwards and slaughtering each other in trivia on the big screens at Buffalo Wild Wings. This scenario is all fun and games until somebody cheats. There were five guys and two girls in the group, and I was pretty much killing all of the guys with my mad skills. However, sensing defeat at the hands of a girl, in desperation, one of the guys decided it would be fun to push the button that gave me the wrong answer on the game console at the last second, putting his friend in the lead. And now, on Wednesday, there is still a controversy on Facebook (in which all of the guys are defending each other) about the fact that he was "just helping". He's plain evil.

That would be the first game, where I came in halfway, I should mention.

This is before everyone cheated.

And now, before I rush off to my class in ten minutes, my schedule.

Monday is the easiest day on earth. I have a college experience class at 8 and at 1:30,  but the course is only taught for four weeks. I have a New Testament Survey class at 9, so after the four weeks are up, I will only have one class on Mondays.

Tuesdays are full right now, too. I have a two-hour personal evangelism class at 8, then communication skills (aka-speech), and then the college experience class. That thing may be one of the most boring things known to man. Don't plagiarize, do your homework, etc.

Wednesday, or today, is fairly busy. Introduction to Pentecostal Theology, taught by the campus pastor is first, and actually fairly interesting, followed by New Testament Survey. I think I am going to like that class, too, but I'm that kid that everyone hates. The one who always raises their hand and breaks the curves. I enjoy my role as that kid. One I get done with this, I have to rush off to Apologetics, or justifying and defending Christianity without using a Bible, because let's face it, there are times in life, that you just don't get to use the Bible to defend your faith. And then, the class I'm psyched about because it's an extra credit and it was free: mass communications, or yearbook, which is a journalism class.

Tomorrow I have a three hour general psychology class, followed by speech again.

Friday is exactly like Wednesday, only substituting my speech class for yearbook.


Theresa said...

I will say "I told you so" about not having any trouble getting places! Have a wonderful time with all your classes.

Tiff said...

The NT Survey class and Apologetics (Plato for Christians! Woohoo!) sound awesome. I continue in my sympathy for the psychology class.

ClassyMomma said...

Wow. Really? Someone cheated? For shame!