Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proofreading Wins in Any Language

Before I begin, I'm going to Argentina for the day tomorrow, to Formosa. Be jealous.

Anyway, proofreading, once again, has saved lives, and perhaps the souls of the children at the Christian school here. My project right now is to transfer a bunch of handwritten sheets in notebooks for the kids' English classes onto the computer, making them look pretty, so that from now on, Sis.Bir doesn't have to slave for hours handwriting 150 notebooks, which kids often lose or destroy, and she has to make new ones. They will be printed out and spiral bound, a lot like the textbooks they use for the Bible school here. She'll charge the books in tuition, and the kids who get free tuition because of their poverty or social status will get free books as well. Because I am my techie self, and Sis.Bir has noticed this and happily handed over the reigns to typing and computer designed stuff to me while I'm here, she said something about waiting until Sis.Goodrum returned from deputation to type up these books, and I asked, "Why? I'm almost done with copying these titles. I need a new project." Gleefully, she handed me four notebooks, and hinted that maybe Elias would also like his Guarani notebooks transferred. 

Yesterday, I spent the day formatting homework sheets for first-fourth grades. Pre-escolar and jardin don't have homework, because they're still just learning Spanish themselves . The poor kids already speak two languages as it is and they're four and five years old. What's the point weighing them down with ANOTHER one, which would likely confuse them. So Sis.Bir sticks to colors, numbers, and coloring sheets, and isn't doing a book for them.

Today, I knew I wasn't going to be in the office all day, because Bro.Bir and Pastor Kiti came back from a week long trip to Argentina and we had to go get them at the Omnibus terminal. So, I decided that I would try to get half of the first notebook done. It turned out being much easier than I expected, so even with only five hours in the office today, I have the books finished except for a few worksheets that need scanned in, and any additions that will be made throughout the rest of the school year.

Rewind to one of the last pages I did. A coloring sheet with the words to 'Jesus Loves Me' and a coloring sheet of Jesus with little children. The heading, in Spanish and English, says, "Let's Sing!". Unfortunately, I happened to miss a letter, and as I was looking back through the notebook, admiring my work, thankfully, before I printed anything, I notice a picture of Jesus, looking lovingly at the little children, with an upbeat suggestion for all of the adorable little Paraguayan children at Escuela Nuevas Alturas.

"Let's Sin!!"

Christian school lesson FAIL. Proofreading WIN.

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