Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Morning= FAIL

Let's review:

  1. I wake up at my normal time of 5:45. FAIL in itself.
  2. I forgot that today is English lesson day. Which means we don't leave until 8. I could have had an extra hour of sleep. I dozed a little but woke up every 15 minutes just to make sure they didn't leave with out me. FAIL.
  3. We leave at 8:30 and as we drive down our little alley of Pasaje Francisco Barrio, we stop and I get a slight feeling that I'm tilting to the side slowly. I think it's just my imagination
  4. Nope. Apparently the tires got slashed when Bro.Bir went to Argentina last night. (Sis.Bir and I didn't end up going)
  5. We had to stand on the side of the road for about 45 minutes while this guy fixed our tire that was slashed and changed our tire.
  6. WIN. We went back and had french toast.
  7. I come here and work on the third grade workbook/textbook. Found out I've been putting in the wrong writing sheet lines in the book. Had to go back, delete them, and replace them.
  8. Twitter and Facebook don't seem to feel like working.
There will be pizza for lunch. That should improve my mood. Dear Lord, I hope so.

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