Sunday, August 2, 2009


Once upon there was an AIM worker with iffy Spanish. One day, this AIM worker went to a party at the church for Dia de la Amistad with the jovenes.  She then went to the kitchen and helped her friends prepare food for the impending party time that was to follow, and the time was drawing nigh for them to partake of empanadas, milanesa, and, perhaps the most foreign dish of all, sandwiches. As she was henceforth cutting the sandwiches into cuartos, a handsome young gentleman appeared before her, and behold, he was muy, muy guapo. But alas, the guy was very quick of speech, and his speech, it was in Spanish. The young AIM  worker was confounded, for her comprehension of the language was restricted to those speaking at a snail like pace, and at that, she would only understand about a third. The man, unaware of this, babbled on extremely fast, and she surprisingly could understand. He asked how long she would be here, if her parents were coming, too, to visit, and when she replied "Nay", he then asked, in very, very, very fast Spanish-

"Extranjas tu mother?" (Do you miss your mother?)

Thinking that the boy was still asking about if her parents were coming to visit, the AIM worker replied, "No."

"Extranjas tu father?"


At this point, the boy nodded a little, raised his eyebrows, and looked at the AIM worker as though she had the pox.

Alas, the young AIM workers very good friend, who knows to speak to her slowly in Spanish, explained what he was saying, and the young AIM worker laughed hysterically, and attempted to correct her mistake.


The young gentleman most likely thinks that Americans are idiots. Namely, the young AIM worker.

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