Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Commencement Stuff

I thought I had reached a breakthrough with the list of teachers for my "Senior Invite", as they call this handshake at the end of commencement. I got the senior newsletter today and this is what the description said:
 "Added to commencement this year, seniors will be able to indicate a Mount Vernon High School faculty member with whom the student would like to shake hands as he/she exits the stage at commencement"
Note that it says faculty member, rather than teacher. My list is back up to five. Stupid.
My guidance counselor probably deserves honor after all of the stuff she's put up with. Stalkers. Last minute transcripts. Mental breakdowns. She's seen it all. I'm not sure though.
The librarian here is another one. I have pretty much lived in the library since freshman year, and I'm working here now. Mr.Tuel has always been very helpful and a cool guy to work with. And he looks the other way when I blog on the school computers, a big no-no, I might add.
My current worst nightmare is that it rains on Commencement Sunday. That would mean that I would have yet another agonizing choice. I am given seven tickets in case of rain on the day of commencement. There are four people other than me in my family, leaving me three tickets. That means I can have Mistie, Carolyn, and Dawn in my cheerleading section, so hooray for that, but it also means that none of the rest of my family could be at the ceremony. Which would suck majorly. And if I decide to pick family over friends, then I have to decide what three people I want there, which is horrible because there could be some seriously hurt feelings in that case. I can think of at least two relatives who would throw a fit if they didn't get one, but let's not go into that. I really prefer not to think about indoor commencement as a possibility. Even though it is.
In case you hadn't noticed, I am person of fairly large mass. Unfortunately, when ordering my graduation gown, I underestimated my weight by.....several units of measurement. This strikes fear into my heart. I dread the day that Herff-Jones shows up with caps and gowns. Actually, I dread the idea of not being able to fit into a graduation gown, which I don't like anyway. Our gowns are white! I don't want a white gown. I always wanted a black graduation gown, but only the boys get to wear black gowns. That's quite unfortunate. Because not only am I worried about not fitting into said gown, but the one thing that I took away from my freshman home ec class is that the color white makes things expansive. Or, in other words, bigger. That's exactly what I want to hear. That I may not fit into my gown, and that I'm going to look like a huge chunker. Hooray.
Maybe there's hope. I put on a jean skirt today and I only look moderately fat rather than morbidly obese like I usually do in it. There's no way in the bad place that I'm going to weigh what I told them that I weighed though. Because I'm an idiot. And hadn't weighed myself in God-only-knows how long.
I had the unfortunate opportunity yesterday to hear a commencement speech against which I am competing. I am going to sum up my feelings in one sentence.
I'm up chocolate creek without a popsicle stick.
The girl just happens to be "Lucy"; what a shock that's not. All the teachers love her and she's a huge suck-up, so of course she'll get it. I mean.....the audition proceedings are fair and she has just as good a chance as anyone else.
But seriously, I know who I'm up against, and it's not at all promising.
In closing, the faculty decided to put a handy little reminder that senior pranks can be dangerous and destructive. Students who participate in these acts may lose the privelege of participating in graduation and related activities.
I'm sure that will be a great deterrant, since we've had this prank planned since exam week. It's not dangerous, nor is it destructive. It's going to be annoying. And hilarious. But not dangerous.

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