Friday, March 6, 2009

Seeking Guidance

I had a very long discussion with my (extremely confused) guidance counselor this afternoon regarding my whole Kent State issue.

A quick word about my counselor. The poor lady deserves a free ticket to heaven for what she's put up with for the past four years. I would pop in about once per week with something about college or a class or something and she would always find some way to fix it. She found a loophole to let me do the career center and the local college, she sorted out the situation with my stalker sophomore year, and I don't even want to talk about how many schedules she's rearranged for me because the class was too easy/hard/boring/tedious. I'm pretty sure that the rule that they started this year about schedule finalization after the first week of August has to do with me. It amazes me that after four years she hasn't seen me coming down the hallway, boarded up her office door, screaming, "Duck and cover! She's here! No! I rebuke thee!"

So, anyway, today I went down and there was about a ten-minute-wait to get into the office. This is not uncommon. Even kids who don't have Mrs.Earnest as their counselor go see her because she's that awesome, and the others....well, are not. So, after hanging with my freshman's mom, who now works in the office, for a few minutes, which caused me to get in trouble and have to sit down, I finally got into the office to whine about my latest problem.

The advice I received was to call KSU (again) and ask them if they could make an exception, allowing me to write in a date for the housing application (my big worry) that wasn't actually there. Also, to explain thoroughly that I was going to be out of the country, because apparently, a girl who went on an exchange program to India this year is getting more money because she's going out of the country. I was also told to try to keep e-mail correspondence with admissions because I can't exactly call them in Paraguay (that's a completely different issue all together. Another blog on that later.) So, hopefully, by next week, I will have this entire mess straightened out with the college and can focus on getting plane tickets.

Well, after I get money for them, that is. (Please direct your attention to the upper left hand corner. Particularly, the donate button. That's right. I'm begging for money. Deal with it.)

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