Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giving Honor...

I learned today that the senior class officers made an interesting request regarding our commencement this year. In a very cool gesture to the teachers who have had a lasting effect on us, the graduating seniors can request one teacher to wait for them at the steps after receiving their diploma, to shake their hand. This is ridiculously cool.

However, it poses a problem for me. I have to pick one teacher. That's going to be really hard. I have had some really good teachers and it's going to be hard to narrow it down to one. I don't even have to ask who some of my friends will pick. Rachel will pick her Latin teacher. James will pick his biology teacher. I have five that I'm considering. Five. How do you decide who is the most effective teacher that you have had in these four years? The candidates are:

  1. Senora Tuel- This is my Spanish IV teacher. She's the only one that I really learned Spanish from and who actually gave a crap whether we learned or not. She really got to know her students, but she didn't care whether we thought she was fun or not. She was going to teach us, and if we had fun, that was great, too. I did have a lot of fun in that class, and learned a ton. I still talk to her about my missions trip and Spanish stuff, as well as college.
  2. Mr.Jarosz- I have a history of hating math, as well as being an absolute moron when it comes to the subject. Letters and numbers should not go together, people! Mr.Jarosz was my geometry teacher in my sophomore year. By far, the coolest math teacher on the face of the planet. I loved geometry and when I took the ACT, I was pretty much praising God throughout the math section that I had a teacher like Mr.Jarosz. He had ridiculous, yet memorable ways to keep formulas in your head. He constantly sang, hummed, beatboxed, whatever. I'm pretty sure that he had ADD. He was never quiet or still. He still sings (loudly) in the hallways throughout the day. He set up proofs like a CSI episode. I was addicted to those things. He's the only math teacher that actually believed that I wasn't completely brain dead. And who could rap all of the words to "Ice, Ice Baby".
  3. Mrs.Schutte- I had her my freshman year for Fundamental Principles of Science, or freshman science, and this year for Forensic Science. She's really on top of her game and truly an expert in her field. Her class was always interesting and she was always understanding, but strict, towards a slacker like me. She teaches pretty much every genre of science at this school, and is picking up Anatomy and Physiology this coming year when Cunningham retires.
  4. Mrs.Smith- This is my Computer Applications I teacher from sophomore year. I tested out of typing and kind of got dumped on her at the last minute. Even though I was a stubborn know-it-all in that class (it was Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I'd been using it for a while.) she was still very patient with me and we had fun. She's written pretty much all of my recommendation letters when I need them and she always gives me rave reviews, even though she only had me for a semester.
  5. Mrs.Hren- By far, the coolest social studies teacher ever. Mrs.Hren had my dad in high school, and has been through a lot this year. Her husband has had cancer, and it's been really rough on her. She's never given up on us bratty seniors, regardless. She's traveled to every continent except for Australia, which she's saving for last, and Antarctica, which apparently she has in the works. She's met everyone from the Crown Prince of Jordan to Mother Teresa. We have the same love of travel and she's been advising me throughout the year on getting passports and visas, as well as giving me information about the Critical Language Scholarship Program.
Can you see my dilemma, here? Any advice?

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