Monday, April 13, 2009

In Which I Can't Spell

I have lost all faith in Bill Gates.

While I depend on his spell checker religiously, I have discovered that it really is no help at all.

Note: I have developed this obsession with a poet named Taylor Mali. He's awesome and was the keynote speaker at the Educator's Conference that I went to at KSU a few weeks ago. I bought his book. He wrote a poem that pretty much sums up the entire problem spell check issue. He's completely non-school-appropriate, but this stuff is hilarious. Be forewarned.

So, I'm typing up my commencement speech, my really,really awesome commencement speech and it keeps throwing out suggestions about punctuation and wording. If I were to use said suggestions, my paper would be an absolute incoherent mess. Half the time, when I change the stuff just for fun, it recorrects its corrections, telling me that I'm stupid for listening to its suggestions. So, because I'm an intelligent human being, I'm punished with the sight of red and green squiggles all over my Microsoft Word document. That's nice, Bill. You're not a people person, are you? Actually, after this we already knew that you weren't.

In addition to this awesomeness, I feel like my space is being invaded. I have to share my library workroom during this period. I don't like it. For many reasons. Don't make me go into it. It's not pretty.

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