Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh Happy Day...

I think I already had a post with this title, but oh well.

Today, I had a meeting with my mom and Mrs.Earnest, the school guidance counselor. She read my incident report, which was exactly the same as the blog post that I wrote about the whole situation (I copied and pasted) and she said that although it was not a funny story, the way I wrote it got her laughing. But no matter, she said that she and the vice-principal, Mr.Shuman, will be discussing the situation with X and the following conditions will be hammered out-

  1. He is to leave me alone.
  2. His friends are to leave me alone.
  3. He is not to discuss anything pertaining to me to my friends.
  4. My friends will do likewise.

My mom said this sounded like a fair deal and so the logistics will be worked out, the stalking by him and his friends should stop by Monday, and if it doesn't, then I am to go to the guidance counselor again to discuss legal action. Goody.

Also, I logged on to EC and had a friend request from MX's girlfiend...errr....friend...Cristina. I'm choosing to ignore this. This is a bit fishy to me. MX always decides that he wants to be friends around camp time, presumably because my dad is the Sunday School director and he wants to work on my dad's staff. Which dad says will not in a million years happen. So MX has tried to link to Dad, Cristina tried to link to me, we're both ignoring the link requests, and MX has been looking at my EC page. Fun, fun.

Also fun, I get to dissect an annelid tomorrow. Guess which one? Also, a cephalopod next week. Guess which one?

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Jewel said...

I will surely be praying that his puts an end to the harrassment you've been suffering, Becky. ((HUGS)) And I certainly understand why your guidance counselor had to laugh as she read the report. You are just plain funny! Even when you are TRYING to be serious! That's one of the many things I love about ya! *smile*