Friday, May 11, 2007

So, Here's what's been causing me great stress

Today, thanks to a teacher pass to work on my “Celebration of Literature” project-an epilogue to Midsummer Night’s Dream- I got out of gym. This was also due to the great sub’s policy of every Friday being a free day. I would gladly welcome any chance to get out of that class after the past couple weeks. So, because I have the most severe brainlock ever, I’m going to rant, hoping that something comes back to me.

I would like to know why on earth I can’t possibly have a normal, Christian guy like me. I always end up with the weird and/or creepy ones. Like right now.

I have only had to resort to going to a guidance counselor because of an idiot boy once before, and that was in sixth grade. You’d think that guys would grow out of this stuff after a while.

About 2 weeks ago this all started. I don’t remember EXACTLY what the first tip off I got was, but I’m pretty sure that it was when this jerk started saying hi to me obsessively. I know that sounds touchy, but if someone says hi to you 10 times in 2 minutes, wouldn’t you count that as obsessive? So I decided to shrug him off and ignore him. So, I’m in geometry later that day and this girl comes up to me and asks “Are you dating X?” And I said no, thinking that was a bit immature, but thinking nothing of it.

Over the 2 weeks, this has gotten out of control. Just downright stalkeresque. It’s really creepy. Here’s the real kicker. My friend Nikki has witnessed more of his obsessiveness than I have, as she’s in English, where I’m not. The day after the Geometry incident, Nikki sits down next to me and her eyes just get really wide all of the sudden. “You’re Rebecca!”, she exclaimed. So, a little confused I replied that, yes, I was indeed Rebecca and had been for the entire 4 years that we’d been friends. “No,” she says, ”You don’t understand, you’re REBECCA.” She was creeping me out a little here and I told her so. She told me at this time that a guy named X had been writing my name all over his folders and whining because I didn’t like him. That was a little messed up- very fourth grade- but still, I shrugged it off.

Eventually, because the obsession has gotten worse and worse, Nikki yelled at him, telling him that I wanted nothing more than for him to leave me alone and quit bothering me. I told him this, too. Several times in gym class he would pick me for his team, but (Thank God) I told the sub that he creeps me out and he’s let me trade teams each time. At one point, X even yelled at him because of it. He came up to me on two occasions and asked me why I was “so mean to him” and “ignored him all the time”. I told him the first time that he just annoyed the crap out of me (yes that is a direct quote) and the second time I told him that he was being obsessive and I wanted him to leave me alone.

This brings me to yesterday, which was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. I actually saw one of the folders that he’s written my name on. It’s written in huge letters. Also, and I don’t know how reliable the source that I got this story from, apparently he’s been telling his teacher to call him Rebecca (um, ew). Also, my friend Nikki yelled at him again, using words that were probably a little harsh, which I told her, but the response he gave her scares me. He claimed that he loved me, which is in itself, a little disturbing, but when Nikki told him that I hated him (which she claimed she said so that he would leave me alone) he said, “I’ll just have to make her love me.” According to Nikki, who is very trustworthy, this isn’t the first time that he has said this.

My mom called the school yesterday, and we have an appointment with my guidance counselor on Tuesday, to see if we can get this to quit. I really hope so.

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Theresa said...

Hopefully you and your Mom can get some help through the GC. If not, you know that you have a couple of cuzins who would be happy to make an impression on the boy!! (I know, I heard them say so!) Praying for you!