Thursday, March 12, 2009

Darn You, Thursday!

This morning at five, I moved upstairs so that my brother and sister could find me if they woke up and needed something (my parents left for Louisiana). I noticed that my phone battery was low. I decided to be smart and turn it to the off button where you can still get the alarm to turn on at its set time. Unfortunately, I wasn't incredibly coherent at five, so when my grandma got there at 8:15, I was still in bed. I needed to leave at nine and had my alarm set for 7:45.So, I had to rush today. In the rush, I put on one of my new shirts and didn't check whether or not it needed a tank under it. It's not incredibly low, but I bent over without thinking and noticed that this was not a good idea. Luckily, nobody saw, and I know better now.

I was doing well with my healthy eating. My grandma made french toast this morning and I only ate a little bit even though it was amazing. Then I came to work in the library, and, like every Thursday, one of the older ladies who works here brought a treat. This week it was chocolate-raspberry trifle. It was one of the most delicious things that I have ever eaten. I'm not even sorry.

I left my take-home exam for Business Law in the car. My parents left for New Orleans this morning. They didn't find it in there until Johnstown. They're going to try to fax it to me, because it's due Monday and they don't get back until Monday.

For a moment in Piano Lab, I thought it was Friday and was excited. I then realized that it was, in fact, the day of Thor (see picture above), and was deeply saddened.

I have a tack of about ten magazines to catalog because I've been doing papers all week.

As of tomorrow, my batch of senior papers will be done.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Dailey got the sudden urge to change her mind about the several short research papers, in the middle of us doing the first of these short research papers. She now calls the four-page research paper on the comparisons between Darfur and the Holocaust an essay. And we now have to do an eight to ten page paper describing a viewpoint about Heart of Darkness, which is quite possibly the most boring book I have ever had the displeasure of reading. The teacher says, "It will be fine as soon as you get into it."

Now, Tale of Two Cities was bad for two chapters, but I liked it. Pride and Prejudice was boring for about three, and I still liked it. As soon as I stop being so busy, I will try to go back and read Sense and Sensability, which was just starting to get good. Normally, I would buy that I need to get into it more.

Except for the fact that this book is 61 pages of small print, and I have attempted 27 of them and am still bored out of my mind. She says, "Give it more time. This guy didn't speak English and he's mastered it. He's Polish!" Awesome. I hate his book. He mastered the language so well that he knows words that I don't even know. Good for him.

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