Monday, March 9, 2009

In Which I Ask God, "Whyyyyy?"

Unfortunate effect of blow-out service- pain in every single joint, muscle, and various other connective tissues in your body. You'd think that he would understand and cut you some slack on the pain. But no. You wake up in the morning, hating yourself for how out of shape you are, and wondering why your stellar work-out hasn't prevented such day-after pain. I feel like I'm going to die. Why?

I'm also in the first day of the world's hardest fast. This week is media fast, but because I have papers to do, I gave up my social networking. Facebook and Myspace. For a week. Ick. Also, Carolyn gave up texting. Which has, because 80-90% of my texts are from her, caused me to go on an involuntary texting fast.  Why?

In other news, my laptop power cord disappeared from my computer bag and if it doesn't turn up tomorrow at school, I'm going to have to shell out somewhere in the neighborhood of $44 to replace it. Why?

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