Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, a lot has happened in the past two weeks. Not as much as I apparently almost tricked Mrs.Lemon into thinking, but a lot.

I got into Akron and Kent. Both of my schools. This is not at all horrible. I have no intention of going to U of A, but I have every intention of pitting the schools against each other once I get their scholarship and financial aid offers, if any. This is brilliant.

I've been working at New Hope Preschool two days every week for Teacher Academy. I have gotten to the point where I absolutely hate being in the classroom (partly because the teacher can be grouchy and annoying at times) but I love my kids. I just don't think the teaching career is for me permanently. I had a kid almost pee on me the first day and today at Extended Day Kindergarten (my community service project for the academy every Tuesday) a kid had a huge snot bubble in hs nose and I almost gagged. It was so nasty. Anyway, I think I can do it for a year while I'm in Paraguay, but I don't think it's my eternal calling. I think I'm going to stick with the materialistic Fashion Merchandising career and stick to helping bridezillas pick out their dream wedding gown.
So, in addition to this wonderful revelation, I also had one of the most painful experiences of my life last week. I don't know if painful is the right word. It was agonizing, but not in the way like when someone dies. Dawn's kids came back for a visit. We went to llama farm and corn maze and had a blast, but then, because Dorenda had to work, I had to go with Dawn to take the kids to their "real" home. It was awful. I was not prepare for how hard that was. Tonya cried the entire time, and after we left, Dawn and I cried almost all the way home. It was awful.
While they were here was nice though. We walked llamas. One sneezed on Jennifer. We went to the corn maze and Dawn, Darren, Angelica, and Mo all jumped out at various times making me and Jennifer have compromised bladder control (that just sounds icky doesn't it?).
Jennifer decided she was going to become a llama. She changed her mind once she became scared of them.
Ali was a little scared of the llamas, too.
In regards to Mrs.Lemon's comment, that whole thing has been taking a major hit lately, although I'm trying to deal with it a lot better. Two friends have come up to me telling me that they're getting married next year, bringing the total of friends' weddings for April-September 2009 up to three. I e-mailed with my old friend, Brittany, who just got married in August (and her sister,Nichole, about 2 weeks later) and she's all happy. I'm thrilled for them but wallowing for me. Occasionally. I've actually had several moments in the past few months in which I have actually learned to enjoy how single I am. It has its fun points and I'm beginning to like those instead of just being continuously depressed. I think that's an improvement.
Also, this guy seemed to like me-
He was totally into me. Can't you just see the chemistry? That's Fernando, my Latin llama lover. Isn't he divine? Things are moving a little fast for me. I'm hesitant about the whole inter-species thing. I'm not THAT openminded.
I honestly can't think of much else. I'm off to Powderpuff practice in a few, because our game is tonight at the stadium at 6:00. It should be interesting if nothing else. On that note, go and boo my dad for me. He's not going. Jerkface. He has tickets to a show and stuff. His loss. As I told my friend, James, when guilting him into going tonight (in addition threatening to bring a football and throwing it in his face tomorrow in senior social studies), it's like the ultimate entertainment for me and everyone else. Athletically challenged girl in skirt and leggings attempts to tackle oppposing team. It's like a viral YouTube video waiting to happen. Tell me that isn't free $5 entertainment. Seriously.

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