Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Have Trouble Accepting That Edward Cullen Is a Fictional Character

So, yes. I've been gone for two weeks and THIS is the title I chose to come back with. Congrats, Blogiverse. Did you miss me? Of course not.

So, anyway- reader's digest version of the past two weeks as I have limited time before the bus gets here, but will explain later (maybe):

I've been obsessed with Twilight since picking it up in a Barnes and Noble on Wednesday. I couldn't put it down and bought it. I also ordered the other three. Thus the title. It's way too sad that the main guy isn't real. Honestly. (Can I get an amen, Shana?)

I got accepted to BOTH of my schools. Huzzah! Now, because I decided I really don't like my second choice's program at all, I can pit them against each other and go to Kent for cheaper possibly.

I am no longer single. (Got ya. Did you think the blog was going to change THAT much in two weeks?)

I am still quite single.

I less than three forensic science and kick it's butt and hand it to it.

My application for Paraguay was sent, received, and forwarded to the various directors. I'm not sure whether to be thrilled or terrified.

That's all for now. I think I may actually come back this time. I missed blogging.

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