Monday, August 4, 2008

More stuff...

So, this post came up today. Might I just interject that I read this on the NY Post website this morning before it was made Yahoo news? Oh the soap opera. I will never cease to be amazed at the stuff Hollywood people get away with. Honestly. If Mary-Kate Olsen was just a regular joe that was refusing to give information on a high-profile death, then we all know that she would be locked up and have the snot questioned out of her by a Gibbs-esque interrogator. Hello, investigators!! Are you guys stupid?!?! She obviously did SOMETHING!!! She refused comment directly AFTER Heath Ledger mysteriously died, too. And now she's demanding immunity. You don't demand just immunity for kicks and grins.

So that's my soapbox for today. I don't do many celeb posts because I think that paparazzi is highly overrated, but I loved Heath Ledger and hate Mary-Kate Olsen, so this just worked out lovely.

I also blame it on the small quantities of Meningitis and Hepatitis B that were injected into my arm this morning. Don't you just love vaccinations?

I have to wonder, also, about the conversation that went on when coming up the brilliant idea of the vaccine.

"What's the matter, Bob?"
"Oh, nothing, Irwin. It's just that contagious diseases are spreading nationwide and I feel the need to stop it."
"Well, Bob, what resources do you have?"
"A syringe, a top secret lab, and some microbes from deadly diseases."

Yeah....I need to sleep more.

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