Thursday, August 14, 2008

Live-Blog From Cave City


I'm sorry that this is my third day here and this is the first blog that I've posted. However, to put it frankly, the "free wireless!!!" listed on Jellystone's website is for poo. I'm sorry. That's only way I can describe it. There is no other way. I either can't get a connection, or if I can, every fifth page is interrupted by Yogi the Bear telling me that my access to the wireless system was successful. That's great, you dumb bear, but a better way to know that would be for you to stop interrupting my viewing of my friend's wedding pictures that she sent me and let me experience the access to the wireless system. Moron. It would also be nice to have a connection long enough to upload pictures or videos and do Twitter.

On the other hand, I have a nice loft to sleep in, although I wake up every morning with Jennifer on my bed and myself crammed into the corner. But it's a nice place to hide, sorta, with my computer for a while. I say this as Nessie finds my brush, climbs up, and says "Becky, I fix you hair?". So much for hiding. She's good though, so it's okay. Tonya is now climbing up. And Jennifer. I'm being invaded as I blog. Niiiiiice.


Despite all the fighting and arguing and hitting and smacking and running away and drowning (yes, drowning. I'll get to it later) it's been a great trip. Yes. I mean it.


So, let's review. We got here at about 6 PM on Tuesday. We unloaded and set up a campfire. We ended up eating ridiculous quantities of s'mores and hot dogs. It was at this point that I was realizing that the internet was terrible. I would love to post pictures with this blog but alas I can't. Goody.

Anyway, so then yesterday we went to Dinosaur World. It was pretty neat. They have about 100 statues of dinosaurs in this wooded area that makes it look like their natural habitat. Once again. Took some great pictures. Would love to show them to you. But I can't.

We came back, ate lunch, then headed out to Lost River Cave. Simply awesome. Well, the hike was. They took us to Blue Hole and told us the Civil War legends associated with it. Pretty interesting all in all. They took us inside of the cave, and it was pretty neat too, but a very short tour and not really what we expected.

Last night, we got back and ate dinner. Dawn ended up tricking me into eating Bleu Cheese. And I enjoyed it! I usually HATE Bleu Cheese. It was sooo good.

We went swimming after dinner. Dawn, Ren, and I all said we weren't getting in the pool. So, we're watching the kids swim and I decided to go inside for something for a minute. The gate outside the pool is really complicated and difficult to open. So, I get out there and I hear someone coughing and Dawn yelling "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!". Mo is going under and popping up, gasping for air, and then going under again. Obviously drowning. So, I try to undo the latch to the gate so I can go in after him, but can't get it. So Dawn (wearing a white skirt, by the way) jumps in after him. He was okay. Just telling everyone that he drowned. Anyway. Dawn decided because she was already wet, she might as well just stay in the pool and swim. And she told me, "Well, this would have been you 5 seconds later, so you might as well jump in." So I did. It was wonderful. I just probably shouldn't swim in an ankle length skirt. Not good consequences.

So, today we're heading off to Mammoth Cave itself. That should be fun?

Well, I have to go now because Tonya is telling on me because I made her sit down.

Maybe Dawn will ground me from going.


I'm having fun, though. Really. I mean it.

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