Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Year

It's been a year today.

I have known all month that today was coming up and have dreaded it. It's tough. For everyone. Tiffany was such a big part of everyone's life. She touched so many people. Last summer, I went to 3 funerals. Her's was the hardest. By far.

I'm honestly at a loss for what to say today. Maybe just that over the past year, I have though so much about her, that it hurts. There are so many things that maybe I wouldn't have noticed before, but that remind me of her. Dad and I were at Applebee's last week after my college visit and where we were sitting had pennants from both Brian Vickers and Jeff Gordon. My first thought was "Wow, Tiffany would have gone insane!". With all the new kids that we've been bringing in from the Sunday School outreach, she would have been so happy. She loved doing Sunday School and was devoted to the kids that she taught.

Even though I know, and everyone says this, that she has been healed in God's own way- she's not suffering anymore and isn't sick, she's not like the last time I ever saw her, hooked up to machines and things. She's not in pain anymore and never has to worry about that happening again. But it doesn't change the fact that she's gone and it doesn't make it any easier for me and I'm sure that other people feel that too.

At least not at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I know that she's in a better place. Just, there are some times that that doesn't help a whole lot. Because they still aren't here and you miss them.

And you always will.

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