Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can you tell I have no blog fodder?

I think I'm a contradictive Hippie without all of the pot.


If it weren't for the drugs situations which will not be spoken of...I would soooo be a Hippie.

Also, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Thus the contradiction. I don't buy into the mentality that our government has nothing to do except for rip us off. I don't think that the healthcare system is a sham, designed to take our money and make us think we are incompetant weaklings. Also, I have every intention of going corporate when I get my 5-year Master's degree from Kent State, hopefully.

So maybe I'm not such a Hippie. But wait, there's more!

I'm anti-war(although not radically. I just don't like it), I have fallen in love with the eco-friendly clothing style, and I love lava lamps!

Tye-dye, however, is tacky.

Woodstock music rocks, for the most part.

I have two versions of Green Tambourine on my iPod (Robert Goulet,as well as the original Lemon Pipers).

I shocked my dad by knowing who the Dead Kennedy's were. (A rock band. I learned this from Guitar Hero III)


While we're on this subject, the article that got me thinking about this-ok, never mind...I can't find it anymore.

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