Thursday, April 24, 2008


So, the play was amazing, despite the absence of Esig. Oberon was fully clothed, thankyouverymuch. The actors were very well cast and everyone was just amazing! I laughed my rear end off more than a few times.
Nikki was a studly fairy. After school, I didn't think I was going to make it to the play because I thought my parents needed my help with painting and stuff. Luckily, Mom let me off the hook. This, however, was AFTER I left Nikki a melodramatic comment, saying that I was bummed because I wasn't going. She was less than thrilled with that. I got front-and-center seats tonight and she grinned when she saw me. And then in the lobby, ran up, gave me a hug, and squealed, "BECCA, I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T COMING AND THAT WAS CRAP, BUT NOW YOU'RE NOT HOME AND YOU'RE HERE AND IT'S NOT CRAPPY ANYMORE!!!" It was pretty hilarious. Also, her boyfriend, Jason, brought her pretty roses. This sent me in resentment. She told me not to be a hater.
And of course, Sam in his fuzzy pants. He was hilarious and perfect for the part of Puck. We all mocked him and his lovely make-up job, which consisted of triangles on his cheeks, a goatee, a big triangle on his forehead, horns, and studly painted on chest hair. Which we laughed horrendously over. I don't think he was amused because he ended up decking someone. It was funny anyway.

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