Sunday, February 3, 2008

We Love Sunday School!

Our class got done way early today, and the kids who I had been trying to keep entertained with crafts and fun stories were becoming bored and were surely going to throw rotten tomatoes if I didn't hurry and think of something. I decided that Bob would be a good help for the table of 4 girls that I was trying to keep occupied (read as: out of trouble) and so I quickly said, "Hey, who likes taking pictures?"

All of them did.
And soon the rest of the class joined in..

And this is what happens when you have a class of 13. And a camera.


Tiffany said...

lol! Cute idea!

Carolyn said...

Who IS that adorable little girl, er, uh, sticking her tongue out? in that last pic? She's simply divine and sooooo cute! :) lol I less than 3 her! :) They are all very cute (or at least interesting...the boys, haha) pics! :) Good blog!

And as to your other blog? Pout away. You're def entitled!!! :(

Carolyn said...

PS: What is that that Andrew has sticking out of his mouth? It's not his tongue....????? Is it a bandaid? EW!