Saturday, February 2, 2008

I went shopping....

I got the pretty red dress, except for that they didnt have it in red. So, instead, it is the pretty black and white dress!

You will have to wait until I wear the dress on the 15th to see pictures.

Also, Alison had never been to Carolyn and I's favorite store. So we took her to visit our friend, David.
My glasses are extordinarily crooked. I haven't the slightest why. But we look amazing, anyway. I assured Alison that she is forbidden to get married before me.

♥ We are the most awesome people that I know. ♥

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Carolyn said...

We rock! I had SOOOOOOOO! MUCH! FUN! that day!!! You girls are awesome!!!!! :) I'm glad we got to hang out...and very proud of myself for refraining from Burlington. *sniff* lol