Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh no! Not another post of woes!

I promise, soon this blog will be it's cheery and senseless self again. I'm well aware that the posts tonight are sliding down the emo-slope edge, but when the poo hits the fan, the fan blows it onto the blog. Sorry.

Let me preface this by saying I am, for the most part, quite over Smitty Wethermenjensen. Seeing a guy with his girlfriend kind of ruins him for you. He's a nice guy, she makes him happy, and if he's happy, then that's great. It's not like she's the Wicked Witch of the East. Which sucks for me. Less reasons to despise her. Anyway, I think he's nice and if he were to one day look my way, I would gladly say yeah. But at the moment, he's not, and life will go on. However, when a statement like the one I am about to make comes out of a guy like Smitty, it kinda feels like pouring alcohol on a gash. A big gash. In your pericardial region.

So, anyway. Youth group.Tonight. Round table discussion, which I love.

Topic: Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Smitty: I'll have a house. Be working as a mechanic. And it's a good possibility that I could be married by then. You never know.

Um, yeah, what?!?!?! Yeah, dude, I know you'll be 20 then, but please rewind there and give me some notice before you drop bombs like that on me! Sheesh!

In case you didn't notice, a little piece of me died right then. I even created this.P.S. If anyone uses the phrases, "You have so much time", "You're so young", or "Plenty of Fish in The Sea", or any other derivitive of the those phrases, I may fight them to the pain.


the lizness said...

I'm sorry, but if that's all the further a guy sees himself in 2 years, he's not worth your time anyways. Because you have way too much going for you to tie yourself down before you realize YOUR dreams.

I would dare to say that's my $10 version of "You're too young," but Muffin, this is one place I do know what I'm talking about!

Book and Hook said...

Sympathy and encouragement to you.
It took me a really long time to find my love. You are much more confident than I ever was. Best of luck in healing and eventually moving on.

Carolyn said...

Um....what?!!! And you didn't tell me about this in person, or phone call or at least a txt? Woah, wait a minute here! Wow.... (Does his mother know his "plans?!!!") lol

Nutmeg said...

I feel the same way most of the time.

I have no experience with guys and they scare me half the time XD

It's not that abnormal... you'll have plenty of time to have experience (hopefully) and to feel like dating life is hopeless and sucky :D

Nutmeg said...

Oh yeah XD Also, I'm 18. And a girl. So yes. :D