Friday, January 25, 2008

Wanting To Get Dressed Up, Because I DO Actually Have Someplace To Go....

I think this dress is pretty. I would like to give it a good home. And would like to wear it to the V-day Banquet. Because of it's prettiness.

But alas, I'm broke.



the lizness said...

It is a cute dress, and flattering.

Carolyn said...

I just so happen to have a fabulous discount card for Target...that's where the dress is from right? So Girl, I guess it's off to Mansfield for us again! :)(Oh bummer, lol, right?) I'll buy the dress for ya for a night of Fair trade? Did I really read that correct? Did it say less than $18? That's not bad at all. And with my Target discount, even better! :) Shopping anyone?!!! :) (And maybe....MAYBE....Coldstone to go on the way home??)