Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Past- The anatomy test was awful. Icky. Icky. Or rather, Ecky. However, my studying in the non-clique this morning prompted Nikki to ask everyone in her path if she could touch their sternocleidomastoid. Just because she thought it was a fun word. And she has no regard for what others find as awkward. Thus is her Nikkiness.

Present- I'm studying for my psych test which is on Thursday. Sigmund Freud was a dirty old man, let me just say.

Future- I have HOP tonight. Yayness. I less than three HOP. Except for that Alison and I often have to be told to zip it and pay attention. Okay, maybe "often" is a stretch. But we have fun.

Speaking of people in HOP, I am going on yet another excursion to Mansfield on Saturday. I'm getting THE DRESS!!! And this time, Alison is going with us. This should be fun.

*sinister and evil laugh*

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