Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Radio

I've been working on my English essay all morning (I FINISHED IT!) and listening to Christmas music. So here's a break down of a few Christmas songs that I just really don't get.

"Do They Know It's Christmas?"- Ok. A band called Band-Aid did this song. It's really stupid and rather illogical, honestly. They're talking about how there will be no snow in Africa this Christmas and Do they know it's Christmas at all? Actually, no, they probably don't because a majority of Africa is Muslim and if there WERE snow in Africa, they would probably flip out.

"Christmas Shoes"- De. Press. Ing. Ugh. This little boy is buying shoes for his mom who is dying. Ruins the Christmas mood. However, if you need to watch a great movie that will make you bawl like a baby, watch the movie version of it. Really great movie, with Kimberly Willaims-Paisley and Rob Lowe in it. I watched it this week. Cried like a baby.

"Santa Baby"- If you aren't Eartha Kitt, please don't remake this song. I really hate remakes in general, but there really aren't many who can pull this song off without making it sound really..err...yeah, we won't go there.


Don Ryan said...

Since you were born five years after this song (I know, I was there), let me explain. Band-Aid was a mega group of 80's British stars (Sting, Duran Duran, even Boy George) who did a benefit song for African famine. Ergo, does Christmas have any meaning in Africa (you know, since they're starving to death). At 17, the context escapes you but it was HUGE in 1985.

The Muffin said...

Many things were huge in 1985, such as hair height, poofs on dresses, Flock of Seagulls ( I think). I still stand by my idea that the song is ridiculous, as Africa is Muslim and snow-free.

Theresa said...

"Santa Baby" by anybody just sounds....well, let's not go there!

The only other Christmas song that really annoys me is Petra's version of "Little Drummer Boy". If I wanted to listen to bad guitar playing combined with screaming, I'd rather hear The Rolling Stones, not some group that pretends they are Christians.