Thursday, July 12, 2007


I am doing a lot better than I was on Tuesday. Which I guess isn't really saying much. But I digress. The funeral was yesterday and it was a very nice service. Bro. LJ and my grandma's nephew officiated. I had my two best friends there at the funeral which was a great comfort. Mistie took me to Friendly's afterwards for ice cream which we all know cures all wounds. Or at least acts like a bandaid.

Despite the circumstances, it was nice to have a night in my own bed. Before heading back to the rack....err.. I mean the dorm. Army Gal is coming out to camp tonight which should be fun especially since the talent show is tonight and I'm trying to talk her into staying for the monstrosity. One more night here until I head to my Aunt Faith's house. And I have swimming tomorrow too. My first experience as a dorm mommy has been pretty good, I'm not completely scarred for life.

The camp food is another story....

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Deana said...

Im sorry I couldnt come tonight! I really wanted to be there! I will try as hard as I can to be able to be there tomorrow... I dont have That high of expectations though... Cause I dont want to have them crash to the floor... lol
But despite your Claims I still do love you! lol
I'll ttyl tonight or Tomorrow...