Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Great Aunt Jemima

I don't have a whole lot of blogging time tonight, but if I don't post this, Amy will come and murder me in my sleep. She really would, too. Seriously. Don't mess with her.

Amy was one of the 5 dorm moms at camp this week (Kaylen, Lindsey, Gabby, and me were there, too.) On Thursday night we were pretty much pooped and Amy was developing a twitch from hearing-

"Children......That sounds like.....CHILLLLLLDRREEENNN!"

Anyway, so we were all hanging out and talking and my crazy mixed up geneology came up somehow. I'm pretty much your classic Heinz 57. So by the end of the evening when I said I was some other nationality somewhere down the line, Amy finally snapped (ish) and said, "Alright, Becky, that's it. You've just got to be lying now." So from that point on whenever we would mention someone, Amy would be like "What? You're related to them, too?" For example, we were discussing weird celeb deaths. Did anyone else out there know that Baby Bop died of a heroin overdose? So, while we were discussing this, Gabby made some comment and Amy said something like, "Hey, that's Becky's aunt you're talking about!"

And my Aunt Jemima made some good pancakes.

P.S. Amy, you better be leaving me a coment on this.

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