Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Perking myself up...

Today is not my day.

I am a dorm mom at camp this week. Which means last night I got nooooo sleep. And it just got soooo much better when I woke up.

My alarm went of at 6:45, and I'm like, hmm, I'll just lay here for about 2 minutes and wake up and then go get my shower.

Am I really that stupid, Self?

I don't even remember falling back to sleep. All I know is that I looked at the clock 2 seconds later and it was 7:18. Weirdness.

So, I went and got my shower. And the shower curtain went out of the shower and drenched my clothes. Yay.

So I set my stuff I my bed. And the lid on my body wash came off. Cleaning my sheets in the process. Not.

Plus, I have to go to calling hours for my grandmother tonight, because of which I was in a very "AGHGAHGEKHKEHKAHKFHAKHFAKH" mood yesterday and today for anyway.

But, on the bright side, ginormous was made a word by the Merriam Webster Dictionary , which is great.

So, why is the spell checker on Mozilla Firefox still telling me that ginormous is a typo with "enormous" as the only suggestions.

Go ignore a moose.


NinjaJohn said...

Becky=Strong. You will be ok. Bad days happen, just don't dwell on them. And Ginormous is a great word that I use all the time.

Deana said...

Hey Becks A>K>A HAzel!
Whats Happening?!?!?! Are you doing Ok after the Funeral? Hows Everything at camp? Happy the week is almost over? Just two more days!
Call me Ok? ttyl. Love ya!
Your Bestie,