Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swimming Dilemma

My Aunt Faith has just recently discovered the world of IM. Today we were discussing a great dilemma she is having.

Faith Anderson: yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah want to go swimming noone in this house wants to go:(
Rebecca Ryan: If i could drive, i would come over, so therefore i would be in that house, and I would want to go
Faith Anderson: why not just walk i heard that is your familys new mode of transportation
Rebecca Ryan:
Rebecca Ryan: bit far to walk
Faith Anderson: not really not if you really really loved me and wanted to spend time with me
Rebecca Ryan: or if i was even moderately in shape
Rebecca Ryan: that would happen
Faith Anderson: you never know what you could accomplish if you would but only try try try dear one
Rebecca Ryan: i also have vbs in an hour
Rebecca Ryan: sorry
Faith Anderson: well who is more important your poor poor aunt who only wants someone to go aswimming with her or your vbs
Rebecca Ryan: just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming
Rebecca Ryan: what do we do, we swim
Rebecca Ryan: i looooooove toooo swiiiiiiim
Faith Anderson: i can't i'd be all by myself and that is just no fun
Rebecca Ryan: obviously dory disagrees
Rebecca Ryan: you could take sassy? (Her miniature pinscher)
Faith Anderson: well dory is not here now is she i didn't think so and sassy only likes to get wet and then get out
Rebecca Ryan: midnight? (her pug, which she hates)
Rebecca Ryan: if you watched finding nemo, she would be..
Rebecca Ryan: indy?(her collie)
Rebecca Ryan: harley?(my cousin's cat, whom she hates)
Rebecca Ryan: now that would be funny...
Rebecca Ryan: oh, i know! you could take jesse and carrot!(the hamsters)
Rebecca Ryan: and hoppy and rabby!(The rabbits)
Rebecca Ryan: there's a pool party
Faith Anderson: no she would only be in the movie not here where i needed here to be. indy hates water with a passion and that would be one way to get rid of harly because she would be halfway around the world by the time her front feet hit the water
Rebecca Ryan: rofl

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the lizness said...

I forgot how hilarious and sarcastic Faith was ! :)