Saturday, January 6, 2007

My Second Christmas

Tonight, my moms side of the family came over for our celebration of Christmas. My Uncle Peter and Aunt Shana came over early, so my mom, Aunt Shana, and I ran over to Goodwill to see what good deals we could find. Aunt Shana found a really cute dress jacket but not much else. When we came home, after about ten minutes, my Aunt Faith, Uncle John, cousins, Andrew and Micah, and my grandparents arrived. We all chowed down on lasagna, breadsticks, salad, cupcakes, cheesecake, etc. Afterwards came the stream o' presents. At left, we see the special edition green iDog, which was given to me by my Aunt Faith, Uncle John, and cousins. This little guy has a special sound sensor that especially picks up music. He is meant for use with and iPod or MP3 player. He dances and flashes lights to the beat of the music. We have discovered that he especially enjoys showtunes. We have yet to realize what this means. Anyway, other gifts I got included two books of a new series from Uncle Peter and Aunt Shana, which I am assuming that Aunt Shana has a little more to do with than my uncle, seeing as she has the same love of literature that I do. My grandma got me some candles and my grandpa got me a gorgeous wooden chest. Good times indeed. Unfortunately, the scarf I made for my Aunt Faith turned out too wide and too short. So I just told her it was a blanket for her rat dog. I also made a scarf for the rat dog. All of the gifts were well recieved (Thank God). Most of the family is still here, so I should probably quit holing up in front of the computer and spend time with them.

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