Saturday, January 6, 2007


As I have said in previous posts, the man who marries me must provide a beautiful pear diamond with baguettes. While venturing on Ebay (which I love) I found the following-

That is my kind of ring. That , my friends, is a 2.11 carat engagement ring, set in platinum, that one day must be presented to me, should a not-so-certain someone wish to me walk down an aisle in a flowy white dress into their open arms. Lets just hope that this person has $5488 plus $19.50 in shipping and handling, which is the going rate for the seller of this ring. In the auction, which I was watching on MyEbay, there were no takers. Looks like my future groom isn't aware of my demands yet.

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Me said...

If that's your kind of ring (and hey, nothing wrong with *dreaming* LOL), I wanna know about this groom you're envisioning that can bestow this upon you!! :o)

And to think I had to settle for a "Walmart Price-Breaker Special"!
Ah, but the man behind the ring is worth far, far more to me! :o)

"Aware of my demands" - ha!ha!ha!
(and many more to come) ;-}