Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I'm so Suri......

Well, here's the baby that was so precious that we had to wait 5 months just to see a picture of her, Suri Cruise. This poor kid. I can only imagine what jokes the kids on the playground are going to say to her. Running into her, knocking her to the ground only to say "Oops! SURI!!!" Some kids will jump on their beds. This child will take after her dad and jump on couches. I'm sorry about the harshness, but after waiting for 5 months, I was expecting some amazing object of beauty that would gouge all of our eyes out with her radiating glamour. Don't get me wrong, I think don't think she's horrible to look at, actually I think she's pretty in a way. But I guess that this whole hiding her away for 5 months thing just proves the concensus that Tom Cruise is a fruit.

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