Thursday, September 7, 2006


Ooooooh, I needed a pulpit and a cup of ice water in 10 Honors English today. We had to read The Pit and The Pendulum for class today and first off, let me say that, as a great fan of Poe, I was greatly disappointed by the way that he ended his story. What a cop-out. I mean, closing in walls and then all of the sudden-BOOM!- a random hand pops out and saves him. In the words of Shayna in my class, "La dee flippin' dah!". So anyway, there was a discussion question about this story having a spiritual symbolism. So in class this one kid whose (and no I am not kidding, these are his exact words) goal in life is to be a greater philosopher than Aristotle himself, pipes up and retorts "Now why would God save someone who is doomed to Hell? That's just dumb. That would never in a million years happen! If Poe actually meant it in that form he is the biggest lunatic on earth!" I literally had to bite my tongue and pretty much glue myself to my seat to keep from pulling a stunt like Evangelism Linebacker. It ticks me off that, legally, I couldn't say anything like that for fear of getting thrown out of the class. Maybe I was just weak, but it fired me up and I knew if I started I wouldn't shut up and would end up getting myself in trouble. So anyway, that's my rant for the day.

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