Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Sad, sad

You know what is sad? I came into the library today to, once again, work on a project and guess what? The librarians are on a first name basis, as in they actually remember my first name. Not in the bad form either, as in that I always throw spit balls at the OPAC computers and stuff either. Just I come in here so much that I have become a common person. Scary huh? The reason that I know that I am not a bad person is that when I came up here today I had a student pass from my teacher. Mr.Kaufman, my history teacher, had forgotten his passes so I was supposed to write one up. So I did and he signed it and I had forgotten to put that I needed internet on it when I had him sign it. I didn't realize this until I handed Mr. Tuel, the librarian, my pass. He replied "Oh, that's ok Rebecca. I know the project your working on and besides, I trust you with that kind of stuff." Which he also said that he couldn't trust many people with internet either. lol. I feel special. Bell just rang. Better run for Bio. Yay!

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