Monday, August 7, 2006

Dismantling the defense mechanism

My best friend, Rachel, has been having a very hard time with me moving away. Her home life isn't the greatest and whenever she needs to get away she calls me. The great thing has been that she's lived up the hill from me, about 10-15 minutes walk, so we could hang out all the time if we wanted to. And we pretty much have. Well, this summer, I have been gone a ton, so we haven't got to hang out a whole lot. Which triggered what my parents call a "defense mechanism". Apparently, this special adaptation causes a person's best friend to act like they hate them when they are dealing with a difficult transition, such as a move. For about a month, the few times I actually got to talk to Rachel, she was really stand-offish and I thought she hated me. She just called me. Apparently she doesn't hate me, which means as much as it pains me to say it my parents were right. So, in a few minutes I'm gonna go hang out with Rachel. Maybe go to the coffee shop or something like that. Hopefully the defense mechanism is dismantled for good.


Dad said...

You're welcome.

Liz said...

sometimes the friendship mechanism just needs oiled, and coffee is just the trick :)

Jewel said...

I hope you and Rachel can have some special times before you move for good, Becky. And remember, you can write and email and phone and all. But I know that sometimes that stuff kind of has a tendency to not last. One of my best friends is now living in Minnesota where her husband is the assistant pastor and school principal. We have always managed to stay in touch, but since they moved there, I seldom hear from her. They are sooo busy. We actually stay in touch through EC better than any other method of communication. Go figure!