Monday, August 7, 2006

Afternoon out

Hung out with Rachel this afternoon. We went to Sip's and about halfway there it started thundering and raining. I saw my youth pastor (from Mt.Vernon) on the way there because he was at an intersection where we were crossing. So, we ran the rest of the way to Sips and I got a Cookies and Creme Frappe and Rachel got a Strawberry Smoothie. We were going to wait out the storm there and then we decided to go to Paragraphs (the bookstore next door) and looked around for a while. So then we thought that the storm was over, so we walked home. We were wrong. About 2 or 3 blocks from my house the sky went black and it started raining and lightning again. Rachel decided to wait out that storm at my house so we played Sims 2 for a while and then she called home and she's staying the night tonight now and we're going to watch movies and stuff (Titanic, Rent, and Center Stage) Sounds fun. Unfortunately, the aftermath of food poisoning is still with me. My mom made ice cream and got Dr.Pepper (which is my favorite drink). Well, the Dr.Pepper made me feel all gross and the Frappe earlier had made me feel kinda gross too, so I decided dairy was not a good idea. So, Mom is saving some of the ice cream for me and we have about 2 liters of Dr.Pepper for when I am better.


Jewel said...

It sounds like you and Rachel had a good evening Becky and I'm so glad for you and I DO know how you are feeling. I had some crackers a little earlier and I feel like I might be "tossing them" soon. Well, if I could "toss", that is. Gosh, but I think I would feel better quicker if I could. *sigh* Here's to our health...*burp* (I've been burping excessively of late, too...*feeble grin*)

Theresa said...

Food poisoning is just no fun at all! This is the reason why I cannot abide the idea of going to an Olive Garden. I love their food but the smell of their salad still evokes terrible memories!!!! Hope you get better quick, Becky.

Liz said...

well, I have heartburn tonight, does that count for sympathy pains?