Monday, July 25, 2005


I was looking at some pictures of me and my old boyfriend that were taken before the breakup and a couple from before we were even dating. I also read some of the letters and e-mails. This was a big mistake. There were 2 pictures that especially got me. I have this tiger picture frame that has never been used for anything but pictures of Jordan and me. It always sits on my nightstand. Well, tonight I was showing my grandpa pictures from camp and I had to take the newest picture out to show him. It was taken on our 3 month anniversary exactly one week before we broke up. We looked really happy and I don't think either of us suspected that the end was near. Plus he has this real goofy smile that he has when he's getting a picture taken.Not at all like his real smile which I also have a picture of, but still really cute. Right underneath this picture in the frame was a picture taken exactly 1 year ago yesterday. Same goofy smile and we look just as happy. It's funny how we look the same in those two pictures even though the circumstances were completely different and a year apart. I don't get it how we were happy just being friends then and only one of us is enjoying being just friends now. I mean, I like being friends and everything but it's just not the same. I don't know. All I know is I was so excited when I started the dating thing but now I hate it!!!

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