Monday, July 18, 2005

I think we should just be friends...

My family was out of town this week and I left my cell phone behind while we were gone for the weekend. I'm working camp again and I had left the phone in my motel room. My roomate was there and when she told me that the voicemail icon was flashing I went into cardiac arrest. When the voicemail icon flashes it means you have an urgent message. I was so scared! I finally calmed down a little bit and listened to my voicemail. 2 of the messages were from my grandma and 1 was from my ex. He never called my cell while we were dating so the call came as a shock. He called to tell me how sorry he was for hurting me and how what he did wasn't right. He also said he hoped we could be friends again. We were best friends for about 5 months before we started going out. He wanted to start over. So I've been hanging out with him today and I am so much happier.

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