Saturday, August 6, 2005

why you should just stay friends!!!!

When I had a boyfriend, there were times when I got amnesia and missed being single. Now that I am back to the single life, I realize why I hated it so much. STARTING OVER WITH SOMEONE IS HARD! For example I've had this friend for a couple years now, a guy friend. While I was at camp I started to get a crush on him. Well, he found out. Let's just say I have become quite good at dodging someone with about .00000000000000006 seconds notice. Apparently a few of my friends decided that they would "help" me out a little bit. They asked him if he liked me. I reeeeeeeeeeeaaallly didn't want them to ask that because I knew that the answer would be no. But they did anyway. It's a wreck. I think that there should be some kind of physical adaptation that you can't get a crush on someone once you've become friends and have no desire to go any further. I t would help alot of people.

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