Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Few Things That Happened Today

  1. I got some constructive criticism on a short story that I had posted earlier this week. The person was from the UK and stated that they "really liked it, except for the fact that September is a really rainy time in London."
    • Literally the second paragraph of said story included, "It was raining, not at all unusual for London in September." What. Also, I used the term "petrichor" to stress said raininess.
  2. I got dual monitors at work today. This is delightful for my efficiency, but horrible for my claustrophobia. Tiny cubicles were not meant for two computers.
  3. I had a customer today whose name, his actual name, was Mr.Darcy. I literally asked Mr.Darcy how I could help him with his bill. The restraint I had to use to not go full British on him was Herculean. 
  4. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream. Not what you'd call exciting, but wonderful nonetheless. 
You'll have to excuse me as I've seriously had 9 hours of sleep in the past two days and therefore this is about the best excuse for a post that I can muster. I have something half done for tomorrow which should be delightful. I promise. 

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