Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 18: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy- Shoeboxes

Last year's (well, semester's)  dorm room became affectionately known as the shoebox. Honestly, this is really more of an insult to a shoebox than anything. It's slightly bigger than my room and is clean when you get it. My room was not. But anyway. You get the picture. The room was tiny, but it was mine and I actually loved it despite its tininess. Particularly when it got rearranged halfway through the semester in a momentous feat of interior decorating skills by Meghan, who thought she knew what she was getting into (she didn't).

Side note: In this setting, she likes to get her way. Which means I got yelled at a lot. Because I focused on little details like things on my wall. Rather than the fact that my bed was in the middle of the room and we were barracaded in by the desk. Psh. Perspective.

Did I ever get a picture of the finished amazingness of a room? No. Because I fail. But, rest assured, it was awesome.

But then, something miraculous occurred...and its name was Sophomore year. Which meant a new room. Twice the size of my old one and with tile flooring. Also (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles) not one, but TWO wall outlets! It's paradise in a dorm. Fabulous. Also, it's hippied out. Because, well, it's me.

(Pictures shall follow when available.)

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