Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

Oh, well this is off to a great start.

I actually don't have a favorite song. I usually have about thirty-five favorite songs. And pretty much all of them have some sentimental value. Which is typically why I love them. So, keep in mind, that this is subject to change within the next week. Day. Hour. Minute. Etc.

Musically, I'm currently pretty proud of myself. Why, you may ask? Because...lame person that I am, I have discovered two new amazing artists. All by myself. Which to you, is no accomplishment. But to me, it is. Because when you happen to have the single most musically plugged-in individual as your best friend, they've probably heard of them and/or told you about them and therefore you're just a copycat.

So I'm told. Not that I'm speaking from experience here.


(Brace yourselves for obscure musical references.)

Anyway. My family went to Philadelphia a few weeks ago on vacation, and we were at this riverfront restaurant and I was listening to the overhead music and heard what sounded like either Macy Gray or the Noisettes (both of whom I happen to love). After a quick Google search of the lyrics, I discovered that it was neither of these, and I had found a new beloved artist. And after a quick text message, I learned that my musically inclined friend had never heard of them, and when he did, liked them. This caused much rejoicing on my part.

But wait! There's more!

Yet again, two week later, I was watching a movie trailer, Googled the song lyrics, and discovered yet another new amazing artist! And once again, never heard of and impressed. Glory!

So, without further ado, I present the two current favorite songs, by Gin Wigmore and Florence  + The Machine, respectively.

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