Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Resolve...It's Not Great

I would not survive well in rehab. I would curl up in a ball and die. I really hope that this never happens though. Although it would be a great opportunity to break into song and dance. But really, nobody wants to see that.

My resolve to break the addiction that is the aptly named CrackBerry is not the greatest. As I mentioned in the previous post, my problem is that I just don't like to not answer things. Give me some credit, I only talked to two people yesterday, which is a nice improvement from the fifty people that I usually have an ongoing dialogue with.


While I still could not bring myself to turn the phone off during the sleeping hours, it went on vibrate. Which means it might as well have been off, because I am dead to the world. And while I missed a message, nobody died and the universe did not implode. I was amazed.

But here was pretty much how the day went.

-Completely free time with nothing to occupy my time: I don't text anyone. They don't text me. Yes! I'm doing great.

-In the middle of something: Two seconds in, my phone goes off. Really?

This went on with a disturbing pattern throughout the day. And then I left my phone on last night. With sound. A step forward and two steps back, if you will.

Like I said. My resolve. Not great.


Theresa said...

I is vewy, vewy pwoud of you! **SMILE**

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

The problem with leaving the sound on during sleep time is that not everyone shares your sleep time. You just need to be selfish and only share your waking time.