Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Now?

He never said that we would get it
That things would be easy
That things would be cut and dry
That they would fit in the miniscule box we've shoved the Almighty in
He is not impressed with our theology
With our philosophy
With our so-called perfection
God doesn't expect you to not have problems
He doesn't expect you to shove them away
They are there
Don't pretend
Stop hiding
Stop fooling yourself
You don't have to understand to believe
But your belief is nothing without application
You can talk about it but not face it when push comes to shove?
When you're faced with the situation that you preach about?
You talk about a lack of condemnation
But is it real?
You can believe something
Preach something
Orate until you turn three shades of purple
It. Means. Nothing.
Don't think
Cry, if you must
Deal with it
Don't hide it
Deal with it
If you hide it, it's still there
Denial does you no good
It hurts
It kills you
Even if people tell you it shouldn't
You die inside
You break
You're at a loss as to what it means
For you
For them
For your every thought, philosophy, detail
Every last thing that you thought you had figured out is gone
What now?

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